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Welcome to GP Vets

GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley.

On our website you will find details of the practice and the services we offer. Follow this link for examples of our prices.


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01256 465409 or 01189 813668

In case of routine or emergency please contact our main telephone numbers:

  • Basingstoke: 01256 465409
  • Tadley: 0118 981 3668

Both GPVets practices have access to patient information during surgery hours, so don't hold on if one number is engaged - try the other number and we'll do our best to help, wherever you are.


Kiri's humans tell us that Kiri is delighted to be our Pet of the Month as it will suit her glamour-puss nature! She's certainly stolen our hearts..... Here is her story.

Kiri has been a busy patient in her first 18 months of life. She has always been keen to explore by way of eating things. She came to us one day, looking very sad and being sick and was dehydrated. We kept her in and put her on a drip and that night asked for her to be monitored by our out of hours service over night. She was quite a skinny rib and we had a good feel of her abdomen but could not feel anything foreign.

However, at the out of hours service she started being sick again, in spite of anti-sickness medication. They took some x/rays and saw a suspicious area in her stomach at the entrance to the small bowel . It was enough to warrant further investigation and an exploratory surgery was performed and a length of chewed rope found that was blocking transit.

Kiri felt pretty rough initially and looked very sorry for herself. We kept her in on a drip and antibiotics and gradually the old Kiri emerged; she became more exuberant and although a wriggler when we came to take her stitches out, we much preferred her being her exuberant self.

A month later, just when her owners thought they could relax, Kiri ate her way through a selection pack of milk chocolates. It was a couple of days later that we were made aware when she started to become more subdued and started being sick again. A sweet wrapper emerged and the list of possible causes extended from pancreatitis from a high fat meal, to foreign body again. We took some bloods because we did not want to trial operate if she had pancreatitis. The initial x/rays showed minimal gas,the blood results showed her pancreas was OK but she was not improving so we had no choice but to repeat surgery . The surgery revealed that, although there was no new foreign body, there were some adhesions from her previous operation and a small part of bowel had decided to get stuck through an adhesion. Fortunately when the trapped section of bowel was released, its colour and behaviour swiftly returned to normal and no portion of bowel needed to be removed.

A worrying time for us all but she showed slow and steady progress and was her bouncy self when the stitches were removed.

We wish Kiri a happy and healthy summer and ask her to avoid chocolates/bulbs/grapes and be on the lookout for adders. She is not a cat and has already used up two lives!

PetPlan Pet Insurance

At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer PetPlan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.


Budget monthly, save money

Our Healthy Pet Club provides the  routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

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Visit the GPVets Webshop to order food and medication for GPVets' patients. Order the products that you want for your pets and choose delivery to the location of your choice, or collection from the practice.

Charity of the Year 2017


We are delighted to announce our support this year is for a simply inspirational charity - robbiesrally.  Please click HERE to visit our charity page for full details of how YOU can help.

Vets Surgery Opening Hours

  • 0800 - 1900 weekdays
  • 0800 - 1200 Saturday

Call us at Basingstoke or Tadley practices to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

Out of Hours Emergencies

In case of emergency outside our surgery hours, either telephone the main numbers and follow instructions or call:

  • 01962 808306 or 0845 223 4492 (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
  • 01189 594007 or 0845 223 4435 (Tadley, Hampshire)

The Round the Clock provider on these numbers is VetsNow, GPVets choice since July 2007 for emergency vets.

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