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Welcome to GPVets

GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley.

On our website you will find details of the practice and the services we offer. Follow this link for examples of our prices.


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01256 465409 or 01189 813668

In case of routine or emergency please contact our main telephone numbers:

  • Basingstoke: 01256 465409
  • Tadley: 0118 981 3668

Both GPVets practices have access to patient information during surgery hours, so don't hold on if one number is engaged - try the other number and we'll do our best to help, wherever you are.


Nero is one of our more unusual patients. He has been very busy in his 4 years of life resulting in trips to several referral centres. He has been diagnosed with an allergic rhinitis which necessitates regular medication. He has a heart murmur due to mitral valve disease which may be a congenital problem in the breed and requires regular heart scans.
He likes structure in his life and does not agree with change. If he is not happy about things he chooses to eat his bedding. Fortunately, this does not happen often but when it does he ‘makes a meal of it’ in no uncertain terms. This resulted in surgery two years ago to remove a stomach full of bedding and we would have liked him to have learned from his experience.
Unfortunately we had a call that he had done it again, when Nero was unimpressed with sharing his home with builders. His owners tried some liquid paraffin first. That came through with ease but brought no bedding with it. After an initial improvement, he became poorly and we admitted him for x/rays and a barium meal to show better what was going on. It revealed a stomach full of material. We had no option but to go for surgery to remove the material. His stomach was full of bedding, some of which had moved through into the upper small intestine but fortunately that could be easily removed. That night he was looked after by the Vets Now out of hours team to maintain him on intravenous fluid and supportive medications through the night. He then returned to us for further iv fluids, supportive care and a couple of mild enemas to aid transit of bits of bedding that had made it to the other end. We knew he was feeling better when his owners told us he had tried to eat a towel, blanket, bag of concrete and his lead. Fortunately without success.
A month later he was subdued again with a tense abdomen. Abdominal  x/rays showed no bedding but he failed to improve with iv fluids and when he started to vomit , this resulted in him needing  emergency surgery again for impaction, this time of leaves. This was his most serious episode to date and required the removal of 30cm bowel. The operating surgeons were very guarded in their outlook but Nero is made of tough stuff. Nero had now added a fourth specialist centre to his repertoire. While there he was unable to have any bedding in his kennel because he would immediately try to eat it. Other patients had fluffy toys and soft bedding but poor Nero had nothing. However so far all’s well that ends well.
We removed a lengthy set of sutures and he has bounced back to his normal happy self.
He is definitely a worthy candidate for pet of the month. No other pets need to feel the urge to compete please!

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At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer PetPlan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.


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Our Healthy Pet Club provides the  routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

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Charity of the Year 2016

Basingstoke Young Diabetics Group

We are delighted to announce our support this year is for a wonderful local charity - BYDG.  Please click HERE to visit our charity page for full details of how YOU can help.

Diabetes UK supports BYDG in many ways, including being the Registered Charity under which they operate..

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In case of emergency outside our surgery hours, either telephone the main numbers and follow instructions or call:

  • 01962 808306 or 0845 223 4492 (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
  • 01189 594007 or 0845 223 4435 (Tadley, Hampshire)

The Round the Clock provider on these numbers is VetsNow, GPVets choice since July 2007 for emergency vets.

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