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GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley.

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All members of our Healthy Pet Club receive a Free Hutch Cleaner and toy for your Healthy Pet Club Rabbit!  Not a member yet? Don't worry, if you join in August you too will receive your freebies!  Bertie insists he can never have too many friends in his Club, so sign up TODAY!

Flystrike is a serious condition in rabbits that occurs mostly in the summer months. Not only is Flystrike, or ‘myiasis’, extremely distressing, but it is also potentially fatal. All rabbit owners should be aware of Flystrike.

Flystrike is caused by flies that are attracted to damp fur, urine, faeces and the odour of the rabbit’s scent. The flies will land on the rabbit normally around the rabbits rear end and lay their eggs. Within a very short time of 2 hours the eggs will hatch into maggots. The maggots will then start to feed on the rabbit.

This process happens very quickly and is not always caught in time.  If you see any of the following symptoms, call us for an urgent appointment.

  • Digging into a corner- they will be doing this to dig away from the pain.
  • Being very quiet and lethargic
  • Not eating/ drinking
  • Not wanting to move
  • You may also notice a strong smell coming from the hutch

Rabbit husbandry to prevent Flystrike

  • Remove all soiled bedding daily
  • Ensure that you are not overfeeding your rabbit, as this can result in diarrhoea
  • Do not feed too many greens and fruits or to allow much access to fresh grass
  • Check your rabbit twice daily to ensure that it is clean and dry. Rabbits that live indoors can also be at risk
  • Disinfect hutches every week

We recommend REARGUARD(TM), a prescription-only spot-on treatment to aid prevention of Flystrike.  Call your surgery to ask for advice.

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01256 465409 or 01189 813668

In case of routine or emergency please contact our main telephone numbers:

  • Basingstoke: 01256 465409
  • Tadley: 0118 981 3668

Both GPVets practices have access to patient information during surgery hours, so don't hold on if one number is engaged - try the other number and we'll do our best to help, wherever you are.


Ludo is a 3 ½ year old pug, he came to us after being treated at one of our vets now out of hours clinics overnight. Ludo was lame on his right hind leg after being involved in an RTA.  

After x-raying Ludo it became clear that he had a spiral mid shaft femur (thigh bone) with overriding fragments. Ludo would need surgery to repair this fracture and it would be a fairly major operation.  We applied a support bandage to the leg and pain relief was given to keep Ludo comfortable until he had his surgery. Two days later Ludo was admitted for surgery.

The surgery consisted of a surgical plate and screws being placed onto each side of the fracture which holds the fragmented parts together allowing the fracture to be stable for the bones to heal again. 

After surgery we used the laser on his surgical wound to aid healing and it also helped with pain relief. Ludo was discharged the same evening; his owners were given a home care plan.  They had to keep Ludo indoor kennel rested and he was to have slow lead walks for toilet breaks for 10-14 days.

After 17 days of kennel resting, toilet breaks, laser therapy and post operative checks, Ludo was allowed to have 5 minutes walking around the garden each time he needed to go out. He still had to be kennel rested in between these times.

4 weeks post surgery - Ludo has had his 4 week x-ray taken which allows us to see how well the bone is healing. It showed us that there is good alignment of the bone and that it is healing. His home care plan has changed again – very gentle exercise, 10 minutes walks on a short lead.

We will continue to monitor Ludo’s progress until he is completely healed. His next check is in 4 weeks.  We wish Ludo a great recovery and hope he will be back to normal very soon.

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At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer PetPlan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.


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Our Healthy Pet Club provides the  routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

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We are delighted to announce our support this year is for a simply inspirational charity - robbiesrally.  Please click HERE to visit our charity page for full details of how YOU can help.

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  • 0800 - 1200 Saturday

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In case of emergency outside our surgery hours, either telephone the main numbers and follow instructions or call:

  • 01962 808306 or 0845 223 4492 (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
  • 01189 594007 or 0845 223 4435 (Tadley, Hampshire)

The Round the Clock provider on these numbers is VetsNow, GPVets choice since July 2007 for emergency vets.

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