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Welcome to GP Vets

GP Vets are based in Basingstoke and Tadley.

On our website you will find details of the practice and the services we offer. Follow this link for examples of our prices.


It's Spring!! What better time to treat all our Healthy Pet Club members.
Join TODAY and receive a FREE treat for your furry family member. If you are lucky enough to already be part of Bertie's Healthy Pet Club, he'd like to give you a treat too! Pop in and see us during March or April - we can't wait to see you! (Bertie has lots of friends in his Gang, so we have to limit this offer to one treat per pet).

Call us NOW and join our Healthy Pet Club to claim your FREE Microchip!

01256 465409 or 01189 813668

In case of routine or emergency please contact our main telephone numbers:

  • Basingstoke: 01256 465409
  • Tadley: 0118 981 3668

Both GPVets practices have access to patient information during surgery hours, so don't hold on if one number is engaged - try the other number and we'll do our best to help, wherever you are.


This month, our wonderful Blaze is Pet of the Month. His incredible family wrote into us with his story, inviting us to change whatever we wanted to. We don't want to change a thing. Please read their hearfelt, brave and determined story. We are honoured that they are part of the GP Vets family.

"The Dog Behind the Tail"

"Blaze has, to us, an amazing spirit . He is a nine year old American Cocker Spaniel who has been our family pet since he was 9 weeks old.
After Christmas 2016 we noticed he had a sore red left eye which after a couple of days wasn’t going away. A visit to GP Vets later, with some great detailed drawings from Jonathan, and we understood the prognosis of Canine Glaucoma. Giving daily eye drops with bribes of cheesy bites became part of our daily routine. The condition seemed to settle and stabilize, so we were fairly confident that although he was now blind in that left eye he was adapting really well and still living life to the full. We came away on one Friday (about a month later) from a positive visit to the vet, happy that he was OK and not in pain. By Sunday evening, following a regular trip to the local pub with his Dad, Blaze was completely blind. It appeared to us that in the space of 1 hour he had lost all sight. I sat up all night with him snoring and dozing (both of us) and managed to get an appointment to see Jonathan again on the Monday morning. It was a shock to say the least. We had researched about canine glaucoma and knew that the chances of the other eye developing the condition were quite high but we hadn’t expected it so quickly.
We took the recommendation to visit a specialist in Southampton the following day who confirmed that the pressures in his right eye were extremely high and that he was completely blind. And so began another regime of eye drops; 2 different types 4 times per day. He did get used to them and knew exactly how many treats to expect after we had delivered our carefully prepared ‘script so he co-operated 100%! Unfortunately after 14 days the prognosis was the same.
As owners we didn’t want him to be in pain, distressed or not have a good quality of life. As a family we talked through with GP Vets what would be best for him and decided that the best option was removal of both his eyes. As a completely blind dog already he would know no different and we believed he would be happier in the long run. We had to take a very pragmatic approach to the whole experience. We all love Blaze and he is part of our family unit with a wider circle of family and friends who all love him too. One article I read on line recommended that owners remain positive, upbeat and cry in private away from their dog so as not to pass on their emotions to their pet. This we did with bells on. Every encounter with him and others was as positive as it could be and we truly believe this has helped in his recovery.
Blaze had his operation and the vets and staff at GP Vets were fantastic to us. They made him a bandana, trimmed his eye fur to minimize the impact and were great on the phone all day long.
The 10 days of recovery that followed wearing the cone of shame were perhaps the most difficult of all. To see him pinballing around the house, scooping the cat up in his cone and disorientated bumping into everything was heart breaking at times. However we began training on step up, step down, finding food bowls, circling the garden on the lead and walking the same circuit round the village, using 2 leads for contact and avoiding obstacles. We did practical things like buy a harness with “Blind Dog “ on , talked to regular doggie friends in the local park and began to learn about scenting parts of the house so Blaze will find his way around independently.
The day the stitches came out and we released him from the cone we knew we had made the right decision. He was so happy, a bit fatter from all the treats but his personality shines through again. In no pain now, he is able to focus on using his other 2 top senses smell and hearing. Its early days but he almost has the floor plan of the house learnt. Enjoys sniffing round the streets, riding in the car, visiting family and friends and most important of all is back in the pub where his celebrity status has increased even further!!

A big thank you to all at GP Vets as we learn to adapt to Blind Blaze."

PetPlan Pet Insurance

At GP Vets, we are delighted to offer PetPlan Pet Insurance as part of our commitment to the best possible care for our clients and their pets. See our dedicated pet insurance page.


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Our Healthy Pet Club provides the  routine care your pet will need throughout the year. It also allows you to budget in convenient and affordable monthly payments and make substantial savings.

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Charity of the Year 2017


We are delighted to announce our support this year is for a simply inspirational charity - robbiesrally.  Please click HERE to visit our charity page for full details of how YOU can help.

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In case of emergency outside our surgery hours, either telephone the main numbers and follow instructions or call:

  • 01962 808306 or 0845 223 4492 (Basingstoke, Hampshire)
  • 01189 594007 or 0845 223 4435 (Tadley, Hampshire)

The Round the Clock provider on these numbers is VetsNow, GPVets choice since July 2007 for emergency vets.

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